Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Group Dynamic Psychology    B.Sc.
2    Principles and Methods of Counseling    B.Sc.
3        B.Sc.
4    Education of Mental Retardation Children - II    B.Sc.
5    Behavior and Affective Disorders    B.Sc.
6    Learning Disorders    B.Sc.
7    Special Learning Disorders    B.Sc.
8    Methods of Modification Behavior    B.Sc.
9    Diognostics mental Retarddtion    B.Sc.
10    Play and Motor Therapy    B.Sc.
11    Child Exceptional Psychology    B.Sc.
12    Group Dynamic Psychology    B.Sc.
13    Learning Disorder    B.Sc.
14    Methods of Modification and Correction of Children Behavior    B.Sc.
15    Group Dynamic Psychology    B.Sc.
16    Individual Differences in Children    B.Sc.
17    Special texts in foreign languages    B.Sc.
18    Psycho Motor Disorders    B.Sc.
19    Intelligent Children Psychology and Them Teaching Methods    B.Sc.
20    Speach Disorder and Vocal Therapy    B.Sc.
21    Psychology and Education of Hearing Children    B.Sc.
22    Methods of Teaching    B.Sc.
23    Exceptional Children Education    B.Sc.
24    Adolt semce problcms    B.Sc.
25    Child Counseling    B.Sc.
26    Social and Natural Sciences Teaching Method    B.Sc.
27    Practicum - II School Student Teacher Practicum C.School Courses    B.Sc.
28    Practicum - III Case Study    B.Sc.
29    Psychology & Education of Gifted & Creative Children    B.Sc.
30    Cognitive Tests in Clinical Psy.    M.Sc.
31    Application of the theory and principles of learning in the curriculum    M.Sc.
32    Curriculum for Preschool Education    M.Sc.
33        M.Sc.
34        M.Sc.
35    Learning Disorder    M.Sc.
36        M.Sc.
37    Seminar on Interdisiplinary Language Issues    B.Sc.
38    Psychology of Learning & thinking and language    Ph.D